The Stretch Loop is also versatile enough that it allows users to perform different types of stretches depending on their needs.

Please note that we do not claim that this device is a medical device but merrily suggest the possibilities for future development.

 Here are different types of stretches that can be done with the Stretch Loop:

Static Stretching: Stretching to the farthest point and holding.
Dynamic Stretching: Stretching with movement without exceeding the range of motion of Static stretching.
Active Stretching:  A type of Static stretch in which one side is stretched by contracting the opposite muscle.
Passive Stretching: A type of Static stretch by using the help of a partner or apparatus.
Ballistic Stretching: A type of “bouncing stretch” that forces the limbs into extended range of motion.
Isometric Stretching: A type of Static stretch in which one tenses muscles to reduce the tension of the stretch.
PNF Stretching: A stretch that combines Static and Isometric stretching.

It is a fact that people with knee problems cannot perform certain stretches but may still be able to stretch using The Stretch Loop by placing the footrest at knee level as shown below.