Head instructor Julio Anta is a student for life. Anta stays fit and is a competitive Masters Bodybuilder.

He is a certifies instructor and trains in Krav Maga, Judokickbox, Haganah, Jeet Kune Do, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Israeli Tactical Shooting and is an NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor. He is also a Gracie Jiu Jitsu student. All of our instructors follow Mr. Anta’s lead and are students for life. They are all trained and are certified by head instructor Julio Anta. They are also required to stay in shape for life.

He is a retired Corrections Officer and FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement.) Anta is also an Honorably Discharged United States Marine Corps Sergeant.

2006 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Kung Fu Master of the Year.

Julio Anta 2003 Florida Martial Arts Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year.

Ceremony to honor Grand Master Chung.

Mario was invited by Julio Anta owner of Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense, Miami, FL to attend a ceremony to honor his Grand Master, William J. Chung (Zhong Chao Ding) of New York’s Chinatown.

Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense is a fully equip Stretch Loop center. Julio Anta is a direct disciple of the Southern Shaolin Temple in China. He is the head of the Southern United States of Bill Chung, Southern Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu Association under the direction of Grand Master Chung.

Grand Master Chung is a 2nd Generation Personal Disciple of Southern Shaolin Abbot Chang Ding of Fujian Province Quanzhou Southern Shaolin Temple.

Anta’s Kung Fu and traditional Chinese Lion Dance Demonstration Team performed at Anta’s Fitness and Self Defence to honor their Grand Master.

In keeping the Shaolin tradition alive he conducted a Shaolin Temple Disciple Ceremony on Saturday, May 9, making Anta a disciple of Shaolin and giving his school direct linage to the temple. Grand Master Chung talked about his experience in the martial arts and training at Anta Fitness and Self Defense, 10721 NW 58 St. Doral. This event was free and opened to the general public.

Chinese Community also honored Shaolin Master on Saturday, May 9, Southern Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu Grand Master and direct disciple of the Southern Shaolin Temple in China William J. Chung (Zhong Chao Ding) of New York’s Chinatown was honored by the South Florida Chinese Community with a welcome party at the Canton Chinese Restaurant of Coral Gables, 2614, Ponce De Leon Blvd at 7 PM. Numerous dignitaries from the Chinese Community were present. A traditional Chinese Lion Dance was performed to begin the celebration.

Grand Master Chung is a pioneer in the martial arts. In the early 60’s he was teaching non-Chinese the ancient Chinese treasure of Southern Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu. This was way before it was accepted in the Chinese Community. Chung started Kung Fu at the tender age of 7 in 1943. Today at 75 he has 68 years of kung fu knowledge under his belt. He is also one of the few men that possess a true iron palm. He has been inducted into numerous Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He knew Bruce Lee well and was the head judge when Chuck Norris won the World Karate Championship in Madison Square Gardens in New York. He was also a guest of Johnny Carson in the Tonight Show in 1967 and was featured in numerous magazines in the seventies. Today Chung keeps a low profile and is a well-respected community leader in New York’s Chinatown.

Mario says: “Julio Anta introduced me to his Grand Master and I had the opportunity and honour to give him a Stretch Loop.”