Patented Portable Leg Stretcher

Stretch your limits with The Stretch Loop

The Ultimate Portable Leg Stretcher

Controls Intensity    Improves Balance   Increases Flexibility   Releases Stress

Provides a complete Lower Body Stretching Program – 8 Different Stretches on Chart

Stretching has never felt this good!

What is the Stretch Loop?

The Stretch Loop is a new patented leg stretching device kit that allows anyone from kids to seniors to benefit from a complete lower body stretch all by using only one safe and easy to use device. It is also a great new addition for any type of athlete who wants to improve or maintain their flexibility.

Recently re-designed for mass production, the Stretch Loop comes with an 8 stretch routine shown on an easy to follow step by step chart which will stretch the complete lower body including hamstrings, thighs all around, calves, buttocks, feet and even parts of the back.

What sets the Stretch Loop apart from any other stretching device or floor stretching is the standing position which permits the users to have full control over the slightest movements and the ability to breathe deeply without posture restriction that occur when a person is sitting or bent forward.

As part of the proprietary protection, the Stretch Loop comes with a “user friendly” doorway bracket that allows the user to install the Stretch Loop anywhere there is a standard doorway in literally two seconds without using screws or hooks.

Once the user is done stretching it’s just another 2 seconds to remove and put away. It can also be installed anywhere there is a sturdy structure such as beams, trusses, ceiling hooks, tall gym equipment or even tree branches.

The Stretch Loop is the only device of its kind that provides a complete stretching routine for the lower body by using only one device and it does it safely and with complete control adapting to every user’s needs and flexibility.

port. We analyze your body type and metabolism to create your individualized fitness plan.

How does the Stretch Loop work?

The Stretch Loop is a simple but clever design. It basically works a little like a constructions crane. It allows the users to use their own body weight to create the resistance for each stretch. Once the ankle is raised to a still neutral position, an easy to control leaning motion performs the stretch. Because of its crane like properties, users will only feel a small fraction of the weight in the hand holding the rope. This in turn permits the users to easily hold the rope for extended periods of time without feeling any discomfort in their hands. At this point the user is in total control of the intensity of each stretch. You can either have a light stretch just to relax your body or you can have a more intense stretch that will not only work on increasing flexibility but will also tense your muscles and feel more like a small workout while also improving balance.

What set the Stretch Loop apart from all other ways of stretching? 

The most important advantages of the Stretch Loop is the fact that users can stretch in a standing position which is ideal for proper breathing. For example, if we compare floor stretching to using the Stretch Loop, people that do floor stretching often have their body folded at the waist which prevents them from taking nice deep breaths. Breathing deeply is an important part of stretching efficiently and getting the most out of each stretch. It also helps to relax and carry oxygen to the blood while stretching. The standing position of the Stretch Loop allows users to breathe with ease and get a feeling of wellness and relief after each stretch.

The Stretch Loop is so portable it fits in a cereal box so users can travel anywhere with it. We also wanted the device to be “user friendly” so we’ve created a special patented door casing bracket which makes it easy to install in any standard doorway in literally 2 seconds without the use of screws or nails. Once the user is done stretching, the Stretch Loop takes another 2 seconds to remove from the doorway and can be stored anywhere.

It can also be hung more permanently from ceilings at home or in fitness gyms and other public fitness locations where users can just put their foot in the footrest and perform any stretch needed at any given time.

Other Advantages

Enables you to do at least eight different stretches each leg for a complete lower body stretch.

Safer and more controllable than floor stretches.

Your hands hold only a fraction of the weight of your leg while stretching.

Standing position helps breath with more ease while stretching which in turn increases oxygen intake for better results.

Your hands hold only a fraction of the weight of your leg while stretching.

Increases flexibility, range of motion and leg performance.

Reduces or prevent soreness caused by a hard workout.

May prevent extension injuries.

Will improve balance.

It only takes a few minutes to go through the stretch routine.

This stretch kit is compact and portable. Take it anywhere, home, Office, hotel room, etc.

Door casing bracket will fit most standard door jamb.

Tough and durable, this stretcher is made to last.

Cost is a small fraction of other bulky stretching device.

After going through the stretches, your lower body will feel loose, relaxed and ready for action.

Also great to releasing stress and improving circulation.