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Reabilitation Tool


The Stretch Loop TM has been used not only as a leg stretching device but as a Rehabilitation tool.

Here is what some users had to say:




Dan "Tendangan Sakti" Davis - Martial Arts Instructor, Flexibility Coach, and Writer 

"I've been recovering from hip replacement surgery. The hip replacement was necessary due to my original joint wearing away from bad alignment of my knees and hips, which was a result of an injury I suffered in the army in 2003.

Last week was the first time I got back into stretching following the hip surgery. First attempt at using the Stretch Loop and I was able to reach head height in the side kick position! I can't lean into the
stretch (yet) because my new hip isn't strong enough to handle it yet, but regardless to say it shows how effective the Stretch Loop is as a rehab tool.

Anyway, attached is a photo of me using the Stretch Loop just 8 weeks after hip replacement surgery.  Just to show you how effective your product really is. Please ignore the casual clothing; I'll take some more formal ones later on, which you can use on your website if you like."

Note: I am holding onto a chair for support because I haven't yet developed the strength to do the stretch fully unsupported.

Hope all is well.

Kind regards,




Luis Ruiz - Feedback

"I've used it and  serves it's purpose inexpensive and it really helps in the stretching, and since I just had a shoulder replacement I could use it to aid in my therapy at home." 


Richard Bulick - Feedback  via Amazon

"The stretch loop worked as advertised. It was very easy to setup and easily stores behind the door when not in use. I mainly wanted this for an injured hamstring after a marathon. I can actually touch my toes now." 


Patrick Connolly

"Bought the stretch loop and use it religiously every day. It is one of the simplest, most cost-effective pieces of work-out equipment I have ever owned. Unlike the expensive range-of-motion machines, it permits multi-directional stretching, benefiting the hamstrings, femur, glutes and thighs.  All in all, a marvelous purchase!!!"   

"Yes, you may use this testimonial in your advertising.  Many thanks for this ingenious exerciser."  Pat


Zachariah S.

"Your device will be used for neuro-mechanical training-not just stretching. You have no idea what good you have done :) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

 "As a Z Health Practitioner I use joint specific and body position specific joint mobility to drive the nervous system and improve motor control, strength, speed, flexibility etc. Your stretching device allows me to put kickers (dancers, martial artists, rehab clients etc) in specific positions that they would have a difficult time achieving on their own. Ballet barres will work but they are usually of only 2 heights. Your pulley allows exact leg elevation and the appropriate body position to do theses specific drills. :) zzzzzzzzzz"

  Z Health Performance Solutions Level 4
  Z Health Master Instructor Intern
  CES Corrective Exercise Specialist
  RKC Kettlebell Instructor
  AKC Kettlebell Sport Instructor
  SFS Sports Fitness Specialist
  IFS Integrated Flexibility Specialist
  CPT Certified Personal Trainer
  -19 Yrs Health Fitness and Performance-20


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